Good Fight Foster Home

s1There is an epidemic of abandoned children throughout the Metro Atlanta area reaching into the thousands on any given day. These children are the same children that will be adults in the next 10-15 years as our children grow up and raise their Families. The homeless and abandoned children of today will either become future criminals, home invaders, rapists, drug addicts, and alcoholics or rather with our help they can become good citizens who make worthy contributions to society.

We can help determine their future by what we choose to do today. It has been proven that by sowing unconditional love and mentoring these innocent children it will radically increase the probability of them becoming good Christian citizens when they become adults. As Jesus implored us we to have a heart for children, they are the only people who are truly helpless and hopeless without the rearing of responsible caring adults. Our children will have the unique privilege to be raised  in a paradise on earth while learning necessary life skills, living sustainably, and growing strong in their Faith.

Grand Opening Summer 2017.