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“Golden Ticket To Heaven” at the new MLK Community Center

Come Experience The Epic Event of Your Eternal Destiny

 Friday, May 18th from 6-9 pm

Calling all skeptics, believers, young folks on the fence, anyone seeking truth and direction in this human experience! Come experience an epic event that presents the provocative evidence behind the single most meaningful event that changed all of His-Story, The Resurrection of Christ!

Examine for yourself the historical and archaeological facts provided in a powerful and engaging presentation by renowned speaker and “Presentainer”, John (Gio) Pace.

In John 8:32 The Word says, you shall know the “Truth” and the “Truth” will set you Free. God doesn’t expect us to check our brains at the door when we come into relationship with Him, nor should we believe just because our parents or pastor told us that Jesus Christ is the one true savior of the world. God wants us to “KNOW The Truth” through seeking and knowledge. He wants to challenge our intellect to strengthen our Faith and change our eternal destinies. He purposely made sure there was significant evidence to even convince the Supreme Court that Christ literally rose from the dead so that we can live Forever.

Come join us for this awe-inspiring epic event that will literally change your life Forever!

Friday, May 18th, 2018 at 6:00 PM at 

The New Martin Luther King Community and Aquatic Center 

Located at: 110 Hilliard St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Phone: (404) 658-1149

To Book this epic event at your Church or Venue please contact us

[email protected] or call 706-747-HOPE (4673)