Camp Solomon


In Hebrews 11:6 God tells us through The Apostle Paul that “Without Faith it is Impossible to Please God; For He That Comes To God Must Believe That HE Is and That HE Is A Rewarder of Those That Diligently Seek HIM. We believe that seeking Him and Believing That HE Is means to study His Holy Scriptures along with other relevant historical as well as archeological truths. Together this will empower us to establish a rock solid intellectual Faith In Him and His only begotten Son and inspire us to affirm our Faith through consistent Acts of Love to change lives for The Good, especially Helpless Children.

At the heart of Camp Solomon is a Mission Field in our own backyard. Our dedicated Mission Partners are ready and willing to change the lives of countless Helpless Children throughout the Southeast. We will provide a combination of pure water (HOPE SPRINGS) whole foods, clothing, comfortable shelter, Biblically based mentorship, and ongoing uplifting immersion experiences at the one and only Camp Solomon at Canaan Valley Farm. Extraordinarily unique to Camp Solomon will be simultaneous camp sessions combining impoverished local children with Faith Based Youth Groups so that every child receives a relevant life changing experience. Our “Have” Youth’s will embark on a moving experience and see life from a whole different perspective as they participate with our less fortunate Youth’s. Our Impoverished Youth will receive blessings and acts of love expressed by our more fortunate Youth Groups thus creating a reciprocal circle of blessings as each youngster grows in their Faith, Hope and Love. We believe that there’s a local Mission Trip right here in our own backyard. Join us and change countless lives for The Good through God’s Grace and Blessings.

youth_group02Our passion for Youth is to create an unforgettable camp experience while inspiring, motivating and educating young saints in the apologetics so that they can defend their Faith from a wisdom based perspective. Once empowered by insightful knowledge we then encourage, facilitate and support ongoing acts of Love towards others less fortunate by always Paying IT Forward.

Our resources include evidence based material from Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, William Lane Craig, Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. John Ankerberg, David Limbaugh, and more. Our additional session model for Camp Solomon is that ten (10) Faith based boys and ten (10) Faith based girls each invite one (1) Unsaved friend FREE of charge to encounter an empowering, anointed, FUN-tastic, Faith based, athletic youth experience that’s sure to win young souls for God’s Kingdom and inspire our future Evangelists! Our HOPE SPRINGS bottled water is an additional support stream helping to fund camp sessions for our less fortunate and unsaved children.

Grand Launch Coming Soon.