Hope Springs


Canaan Valley Farm’s very own, HOPE SPRINGS, has been confirmed by the top testing labs in the country to be some of the purest natural mountain spring water in North America (see lab report PDF’s to the right in RED). It’s by no coincidence that God has entrusted us with this amazingly pure and abundant natural re-source to help support our Youth Mission. Since water is life, and we have a perpetual supreme supply of it, we are committed to flow abundant and everlasting life and funding into our local abandoned and impoverished youth right here in our own backyard.

Currently bottled at the source by Melwood Springs Water Co., Blue Ridge Georgia. Once our permitting and regulatory process is completed we will be extracting directly from our HOPE SPRINGS source at Canaan Valley Farm, home to Camp Solomon. HOPE SPRINGS is on a Mission To Fight The Good Fight For A Better Future For Those That Can’t Fight For Themselves, Abandoned and Impoverished Children In Our Own Backyard! We The Founding Mission Partners of The Good Fight Foundation have committed over $1,000,000 of land at Canaan Valley Farm for the use of Camp Solomon to provide ongoing mentorship experiences FREE of charge for impoverished and Abandoned Children throughout Atlanta and the Southeast. By drinking HOPE SPRINGS you are personally giving Hope and a brighter Future to countless Helpless Children in your area. Jeremiah 29:11. Please Help Us Help Them Through Drinking Responsibly. Drink HOPE SPRINGS!

Launching June 2016.

Visit the Treeson Spring Water website to learn more.